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Full Story Kyuhyun car accident (Part 2)

Kyuhyun Untold about his Accident

Living Twice

KH : I worried about how I would share this story (a story that is not easy to reveal from his 
       This is the first time I ever talked about this on a show (he finds courage to reveal 
           his story)
       It was three years ago
       In that time I was a guest along with Shindong, on Leeteuk and Eunhyuk's 
       Kiss The Radio (Kyuhyun and Shindong were on LT and EH's KTR)
       After we had finished the radio program, we were on our way back to the 
       I had my eyes closed and was listening to music
       Then all of sudden I felt "koong.. koong.. koong.." and the car was spinning 
       (terror of car spinning)
MC : The car?
KH : Yes, the car. It was really happening       
       The car crashed and went "kwang, kwang, kwang" spun out and I lost 
       consciousness (lost consciousness due to shock)     
       I lost consciousness but then gained it back
       I was wondering what had happened
       I saw the car far away and it was overturned
       Ah, I realized that there was a car accident

Announcer : The popular group Super Junior has been in a car accident, Six 
                  people have been hurt badly (News 2007 April Car Accident News Board)
                  The 19 year old Cho Kyuhyun has suffered great injuries to his 
                  pelvis  and chest (like a miracle there are no fatalities. However Kyuhyun is in critical 
                  They had just finished a radio broadcast and were on their way 
                  home to their dorm (Super Junior's car accident that had scared the world)

KH : I tought first, I need to get up, so I raised my body and was on my knees
       All of sudden, my eyes became blurry and my past was flashing before my 
       From the time I entered elementary school, to when I went on vacation with 
       my family, the first time I ever stood on stage
MC : In that short moment, it all flashed before your eyes?
       Yes. At that moment I thought "Ah, this is how I'm going to die"
       Right then Eunhyuk ran over to me and grabbed my hand
       I was cying and praying to let me live
       Eunhyuk started praying and crying with me (Eunhyuk forgot about his own injuries 
           and instead prayed for his dongsaeng)
       I was in a coma for 4 days and when I woke up, I was in the hospital 
       (Kyuhyun like a miracle woke up from a 4-day coma)
LT : The car spun two times and it over turned (Leeteuk who was in the car accident as well)
       I thought" Ah, I'm going to die" and lost consciousness (in a instant, felt the 
           extreme fear of dying)
       In my instance, I had to get 150 stitches ang 30 stitches in my head
       I opened my eyes and couldn't see through one eye because of the blood
       The medics came to me first because they saw all the blood
       But far over in the dark area, Kyuhyun was lying there with six broken ribs
KH : Yes, my ribs had broken and they were piercing my lungs (the dangerous moment 
           of his ribs piercing his lungs)
       The doctors gathered my family and the people from my company
       They told them "This child is going to die soon"
       If we do not drill a hole in his throat
       Even with that surgery, my chance of living was around 20%
       However my dad said "This child is someone who must sing. He is a singer" 
       (his father opposition on the surgery since the beginning)
       "He is a child who has dreams of songs. If you drill his throat, you are taking
       away all that he has. (cannot take away his voice by performing the operation of drilling his 
            throat) How will this child go on about and live later  
       on them?"
       The doctors said that my father was crazy  (the father who regards his son's dreams as 
            much as his son's life)
       "Your son is about to die and how can something like singing be important 
       right now? He must receive the operation right now" (the medical team that couldn't 
            understand his father)
       He was unwilling to waver (a father who didn't waver even as he saw his son's life in danger)
       In that situation, a doctor who has advanced in age
       I still remember his name, Doctor Wang Young Pil (Doctor Wang Young Pil, his 
       He said "I will find another way to operate so that this child will be able to 
       That is why I didn't have my throat drilled and instead received another form 
       of operation
       But the reason why I cried a lot after having this told to me was because my 
       father opposed me singing and becoming a singer
       He said that it is just unheard of for a person to become a singer who is 
       from a background of superintendents
       My father who thought like this was the one who protected my dreams  
       (even till the end, his father protected his dreams of singing)
       I cried a lot when I heard this
MC : Kyuhyun-sshi, how long was it before you were be able to stand on stage?  
KH : I was able to stand on stage after five months (painful rehabilitation: after 5 months, 
            Kyuhyun was able to come back)
       From the start of my first come back on stage till the end
       Super Junior fans and even those who weren't my fans of Super Junior 
       would cheer so loudly when it was my turn (Kyuhyun wasn't fully recovered and 
            therefore couldn't dance, fans of all singer gave immense encouragement)
       From that I was so touched (his heart was filled with emotion from being so moved)
       I felt like I was living a new life (thankful at being allowed a second life)
       I am able to songs that I love. I am able to do activities with the member of 
       Super Junior. I am able to meet my fans (the happines he felt from being able to sing as 
           a member of Super Junior)
       I can walk, I can eat, I am just thankful for everything
       I am still alive and living my life (everyday is precious because he was given a second 
       I am extremely thankful to my father who protected my dreams and t
       Eunhyuk who was the first one to come and pray for me (Eunhyuk who checked 
            on his dongsaeng rather than himself during the accident)

It's just so sad. His father was in a complicated condition, safe his son's life but break his dream or safe his son's voice with big risk of his life. If Kyuhyun father agree with the surgery, maybe Kyuhyun will always stay quiet and never opened his mouth, because all he has is his heavenly voice. Have you ever feel? If your only hope is taken away? It's really a miracle from God Kyuhyun can pass his critical moment. 20%? Really? He must be a really strong man to defeated the death. Cho Kyuhyun you're a fortunate man to be in Super Junior who care a lot about you, it's looks like you have a lot of luck this time too. Hwaiting! <sorry if my English bad, don't bash>   

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